​Keeping on top of latest changes in healthy eating

Did you know the Governments Public Health England ‘Eat Well Plate’ has been revised to the ‘Eat Well Guide’? The new guide now features more fruit and vegetables, more carbohydrates, less protein and no sugary treats at all!

As part of our regular input with Caldicott School in Buckinghamshire, we deliver an annual talk to the boys as part of their PSHE programme. Our whole school talks generally feature healthy eating, with the audience comprising of 180 boys, aged 7-13. This year’s talk was designed to be engaging and interactive, explaining the rationale behind the Eat Well Guide and included a live food demonstration with the boys try some things they may not have come across before.

For instance this time they tasted Japanese noodle soup – tasty with interesting flavours, as well as being nutritionally balanced. As a healthy alternative to crisps they had the opportunity to sample flavoured popcorn – not your typical cinema ‘sweet or salty’, but chilli and seaweed! 

The aim of this year’s talk was  to show that healthy eating can be fun, and trying new foods is something to relish. One of the exercises we did with them was to provide 3 baskets:
1. Eat as much as you like
2. Eat in moderation
3. Occasional treats
The boys selected food from a table top display and decided which basket it should go in. All in all, a lot of memorable ways for them to think about the food choices they are making.

The Headmaster’s wife Antonia Doggart said of the event:

"ISCC delivered some excellent talks about healthy eating to the boys at Caldicott. The boys have really taken the message to heart and are choosing more and more the healthy options at meal times. We are delighted."