Contract Extension Negotiations

Are you happy with your incumbent caterer and rather than undertaking a competitive tender at the end of their contractual term, prefer to extend their tenure?

ISCC can support you through this process, allowing you to demonstrate to your Governing Body that you have fully benchmarked your incumbent caterer’s offer and operating costs and that they are as a minimum comparable with the offers being tabled elsewhere at competitive tenders managed by ISCC.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your incumbent caterer’s offer and lead on your behalf any negotiation requirements.

Many of our clients ask us to undertake an internal tender when looking to extend their incumbent caterer’s tenure. This entails us visiting school to view your service provision to assess whether you are receiving good value, whilst identifying areas for attention. We then write a mini-tender specification which includes bespoke questions to allow your caterer to outline how they will correct any areas identified for attention. Their formal response is assessed by ISCC as we would for a full tender along with benchmarking their operating costs and any investment offered to make sure that they are market competitive. If they are not, then your caterer will know that you will place your service out to tender.