Kevin Howells

Kevin Howells

Senior Consultant

Kevin is amongst our most senior and experienced consultant with virtually unrivalled sector specific experience and expertise. 

Kevin has a wealth of experience in Independent Education catering having started his career as a Chef at Eton College, more years ago than he cares to remember!

Having worked his way up through the ranks at Eton, Kevin has held a number of senior positions in sales and operations for several of the major catering contractors, including Sodexo, Chartwells & Aramark. Kevin set up his own company Palmer and Howells in 1999 specialising in Independent Education catering.

Looking after over thirty Independent Schools in the South West region, Kevin sold the business some three years ago. Kevin has now joyfully re-immersed himself back into the sector looking after our Welsh and South West client portfolio.

Kevin’s personal mantra mirrors ISCC’s, which is to ensure that all pupils, staff and visitors to our fabulous UK Independent Schools receive only the very best food available.

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