Operation & Financial Reviews

This is one of our most popular commissions and a great way of attaining a third party view on how well your caterer is performing, both operationally and financially. Dependent on the size and complexity of your catering operation either one or two ISCC consultants spend a full day in your catering outlet’s assessing literally every aspect of your operation from menu planning and ordering, through to the quality of the raw goods being delivery, cooking methodology, dish presentation and finally kitchen and plate waste.

We provide full narrative on the journey of your food literally from field to fork and give a knowledge based assessment on the quality and value you are receiving.

We assess your finances, including reviewing your labour contingency and making positive recommendations. We also assess your kitchen and the age, capability and capacity of your cooking equipment.

Our reports are incredibly thorough and detailed, providing you with all the information you need to either ask your caterer to address any areas of shortfall or commission further support from ISCC to work with your caterer to ensure that you offer is absolutely as good as it possibly can be.